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Cultural Exchange

Every year La Fondation is organizing cultural exchange programs for the students learning French language and culture. It is not only for the students, learning French at La Fondation but also opens for the people learning French at different universities or cultural centres imparting French language in India. Our main moto is to impart French language and culture to the students which can be beneficial for them to do higher studies I n France or to do some business tie ups. The selection of the students for the exchange program is at the discretion of La Fondation, Jaipur.

The Benefits of Cultural Exchange Programs:

  • To expose students to the French culture at the same time to give them a greater understanding of diversity.
  • To make them interact with and learn from the native French during their stay with them.
  • To participate in new and unique experiences beyond their own communities.
  • To develop positive relationships with French people.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our society.
  • To have vast knowledge about the French Culture.
  • To visit cultural and tourist attractions during your stay.
  • To have the opportunity to attend the classes in French institution.

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